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Open Access Nutrition Research Articles

different types of fiber for losing weight

Best Type of Fiber for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, incorporating soluble fiber into your diet is a great way to reduce your appetite and keep yourself feeling fuller for longer. But which fiber…
guy tired in the gym

Caffeine Free Pre Workouts: Do They Work?

Caffeine-free pre-workouts are a great choice for those who are sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping, but still want the increased focus and performance boost.
protein shakes on table

Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Few understand the complexities surrounding protein intake timing and the impact on weight loss. The effects of protein supplement timing can vary depending on the type of protein supplement you…
is whey or plant protein better

Whey vs. Plant-Based Protein for Fitness Goals

Healthy adult bodies require protein to function, and many people boost their dietary protein intake with protein powders and supplements to help them reach their fitness goals. The ideal protein…

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