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Recent Publications

foods containing magnesium

Does Magnesium Lower Cholesterol?

Evidence suggests an inverse relationship exists between magnesium intake and LDL. Studies show that supplementing magnesium or consuming it in your diet provides numerous health benefits.
soybeans and tofu on table

The Impact of Soy Consumption on Brain Health

Various studies have explored the effects of soy consumption on brain health to understand its effects on cognitive function, memory, and existing degenerative diseases. This meta-analysis is focused on reviewing those studies.
is whey or plant protein better

Whey vs. Plant-Based Protein for Fitness Goals

Healthy adult bodies require protein to function, and many people boost their dietary protein intake with protein powders and supplements to help them reach their fitness goals. The ideal protein source for different people depends on their fitness goals and dietary needs.
women with calcium deposits on face

Treatments for Calcium Deposits on the Face

Calcium deposits under the skin are especially bothersome when they appear on the face. Facial calcinosis cutis can be caused by several conditions and we look at various studies for causes and potential cures.
hands in farm soil

Are Food Crops in the USA Becoming Less Nutritious?

Are Americans suffering from nutrient deficiencies due to poor soil? Humans must consume specific amounts of vital vitamins and minerals daily. Crops acquire these nutrients from the soil they grow in, and animals from the crops they eat.
foods in the shape of a heart

Nutritional Supplements for Treating Myocarditis

While there is no cure for myocarditis, modern clinical studies support the effectiveness of taking natural supplements for treatment of viral myocarditis. Our meta analysis focuses on several of those compounds for efficacy.

Research Articles & News

lactoferrin supplements on table

Health Benefits of Lactoferrin Supplements

Lactoferrin is a protein found in milk with various potential health benefits including fighting infection, boosting the immune system, aiding in weight loss and reducing inflammation.
guy tired in the gym

Caffeine Free Pre Workouts: Do They Work?

Caffeine-free pre-workouts are a great choice for those who are sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping, but still want the increased focus and performance boost.