Mission and Vision

The mission of the Journal was re-imagined shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the entire world. In the wake, the Journal saw a need for an un-biased source of nutrition-based research focused on the impacts of human diet on health. We strive to promote evidence-based nutrition science to the public and health professionals alike with the goal of advancing nutrition science to prevent and treat disease. We envision a future where nutrition, and the proper analysis of an individuals diet, are the foundation for healthcare practices.

In 2022 JACN rebranded and unveiled a new Journal and a website redesign on JACN.org. Now known as the “Journal of the American Center for Nutrition”, the new focus has been on creating an online presence that is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and future-proof for coming web 3.0 changes. This rebranding highlights our organization’s dedication to making our nutrition research publications more accessible to all populations interested in nutrition, not just academia. We believe these changes will broaden the Journal’s appeal and better reflect our mission.

Advocacy & Public Policy

The Journal aims to be a leading voice in the advocacy of nutrition as a recognized component of our healthcare system. Through various initiatives we work with policy makers to make education on the connection between nutrition and health available to all populations.

Ethics & Standards

As a non-profit organization, the Journal seeks philanthropic support and partners who understand the importance of reaching people at every stage in life to positively impact their overall nutrition and health. 

The Journal accepts no funding from for-profit corporations. This policy fosters our mission and our ability to advance unbiased science without compromise. We are proud to adhere to this important policy as a scientific body, and believe this further strengthens the voice of the Center as an advocate for the crucial role of rigorous, unbiased nutrition science in improving human health.

We believe that the best policies, programs, and practices are ones based on research, with evidence that demonstrates effectiveness. To that end, we only publish quality research papers which have been vetted by respected members of the scientific and doctoral community.