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Yearly Dues – $120

Charter membership is available to any individual with a degree in nutrition or a related field from an accredited institution, who is committed to nutrition research and practice. Potential members without a doctoral-level degree should be able to demonstrate leadership in the field of nutrition, or a career path focused in nutrition. Charter members receive one free publishing credit per year and a 30% reduced fee on any additional publishing.

Yearly Dues – $75

Professional membership is available to individuals who are involved professionally in any field related to nutrition or health. This level is designed for professionals who wish to engage with our community and showcase themselves as experts within their field. Professional level members receive a discount of 30% on publishing fees in the Journal.

Yearly Dues – $30

Student membership is available to any individual currently enrolled in a nutrition or health-related program of study at an accredited institution. Student level members receive a discount of 30% on publishing fees in the Journal for any Supplemental papers. Note that Student Members are not allowed to publish Original Manuscripts, Critical Reviews, or Product Analysis.

Yearly Dues – Free

The Enthusiast level is for those who wish to join our community without any need for the professional features. Enthusiasts have access to all our content, receive the Journal via digital download, and get the inside scoop on nutrition science.

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