Calls for Papers

The Journal for the American Center of Nutrition invites submissions of unique, unbiased research papers on a range of key topics in the field of nutrition science.

The following topics are of particular interest to the Journal at this time. Manuscripts addressing any of these topics will be fast-tracked for timely response and peer review. Authors will be expected to return revisions promptly.  Accepted articles will be posted online prior to copyediting, and subsequently replaced with the final version. Manuscripts will be considered independently.

  • Health and nutrition impacts on disease outbreaks
  • Nutrition and immunity to coronaviruses
  • Impact of inflammation on skin health
  • Wernicke’s Encephalopathy and Korsakoff Syndrome
  • Medicinal marijuana
  • CBD – Cannabidiol consumption
  • Oral peptides
  • Impacts of nutrition on fertility
  • Consumption of essential oils
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Protein supplements
  • Sports nutrition

Submission Guidelines and Policies

The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Center of Nutrition welcomes manuscripts of high scientific quality that are relevant to human nutrition.

All submissions must meet the following criteria:

  1. Original articles pertaining to innovative research of nutritional importance with useful application for physicians and/or health care specialists.
  2. Critical reviews and updates that summarize the current status of research developments or present new concepts to unify relationships among nutrition, health maintenance and pathogenesis and treatment of disease. Key teaching points and nutritional relevance must be highlighted.
  3. Nutritional product analysis.
  4. Supplements representing symposia and workshops will be considered on an individual basis. Topic proposals should be presented first to the Editor-in-Chief. Individual papers will be peer-reviewed.


Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the following instructions:

Submitting via our online form and uploaded as a MS-Word or compatible format such as Google Docs. All manuscript elements including: title page, key words, abstract, key teaching points (in the case of review papers), text, acknowledgments, references, appendices, tables, figure legends and figures should be included.

Title Page

Provide the first name, middle initial and last name of all authors, followed by terminal academic degrees. List the institutional affiliation of each author at the time of the study. Provide a running title of not more than 80 characters.
Any personal financial interest in the work or with a commercial sponsor should be disclosed here.

For original research manuscripts. Use a structured abstract that includes subheadings for Objective (1-2 sentences), Methods (3-4 sentences) – this may be divided into Design, Setting, Subjects, Interventions or Measures of Outcome, as appropriate – Results (3-4 sentences) and Conclusions (1-2 sentences). For review papers, abstracts should be in summary style.

Articles should be as concise as the subject matter allows. They must be written in a manner to permit readers to understand clearly what was done, the reasons for doing it and conclusions drawn from the work. Arrange elements of original research papers in the following order: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion. Review papers should include Introduction (with significance and nutritional relevance), Background (with historical perspective and controversy or conflicting information), Description of Subject (with appropriate subheadings), and Conclusion. All figures and tables must be cited in the text in sequential order.

Any grant or corporate sponsorship should be noted here. Authors may also acknowledge any contributions to the work by non-authors.

In the text, references should be cited as numerals on line and in square brackets (not parentheses). In the final list, references should be typed on a separate sheet and numbered in order of appearance in the text. All author names should be listed. The designation et al. should not be used, nor should author lists be truncated.

Tables should be typed on a separate sheet with a table title provided. Column headings should be kept brief, and units of measure should be indicated in parentheses.

Editorial Process

The Journal of the American Center of Nutrition is published quarterly and emailed at the beginning of each quarter. All manuscripts are reviewed by a referee with expertise in research relevant to the manuscript topic. Result of the review – i.e., acceptance, suggestions for revision or fully justified rejection – will be communicated rapidly to authors. Manuscripts deemed of too low priority may not be accepted for publication even if they are not rejected for flawed design or analysis.

Author Responsibilities
It is understood that neither the manuscript nor the data it contains have been submitted elsewhere or previously published, except as an abstract not exceeding 500 words. Authors will not disclose results from accepted papers to the news media prior to publication without permission from the Editor-in-Chief, except in relation to presentation at a scientific meeting.
All authors take responsibility for the intellectual content or participated in the collection or analysis of data. Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, authors must sign an agreement transferring copyright to the publisher. No published material may be reproduced elsewhere without the written permission of the publisher. If required for clarity, the author agrees to make available data either on the JACN web site or another site. All statements in, or omissions from, published manuscripts are the responsibility of the author, who will review proofs before publication.

Details of an accepted manuscript are not to be released via the news media until the day of publication of the JACN.

Duplicate publication, falsification, plagiarism, or fabrication will be considered actionable misconduct. Misconduct does not include honest error or differences in interpretation or judgment of data. The Editor-in-Chief will investigate allegations of misconduct and inform the accused individual. If charges are not resolved the home institution will be informed.

If an author disagrees with an editorial decision, a letter to the Editor-in-Chief should detail the reasons for this. Should an agreement not be reached, the author may appeal to the Chair of the Publications Committee of the American Center of Nutrition.

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